My LMP was anywhere from 10/6/11- 10/10/11. My due date is 7/14/12. Ultrasound on 12/1/11 doctor said I was 7 weeks 3 days. Hpt on 11/10/11?

Close Enough. If use lmp due date (lmp 10/6/2011) i get an edc of 7/12/12. An us at 7w3d is very accurate if the fetus was measured (crl - crown rump length) so if done 12/1/11, your edc is 7/16/1012. This confirms your lmp dating & i would keep your final edc as 7/12/12. This makes you 37w3d today and remember, every office can vary by 1-3 days depending which OB wheel or program they use. Your dates are good.