I can ejaculate from masturbatin but not intercourse what's wrong with me late 20s and all my partners?

Get evaluation. I believe that you need to see a specialist to help you understand the psychology of your sex drive. If you can masturbate then the equipment works. Why you can only ejaculate by your own means needs understanding and counseling. I am not a psychologist but i believe they can help you. If you want a family then we can help using insemination. You deserve a satisfying sex life - get help.
Fear, perhaps... If you are able to have an erection and ejaculation after masturbation, then everything (neurologic connections, vascular supply to area, sensation) is physically intact. Intercourse is the most physical form of intimacy with another. Something is preventing you from being closely intimate. I have found that late 20s is a period fraught with many fears, insecurities. Speak first w primary doc.