I wa told that my testerone count was 232, which the doc said was really low, I need it to be above 800, he said. How many pellets are needed. Am 45yr?

None. 232may be borderline low depending on your age. Ask him/her whether the problem is primary (testicular) or secondary (pituitary or above). Pellets, popular in australia & n.Z. Are used in the us by unusual practitioners. They work, but so do more convenient and cheaper patches, gels and shots which are more likely to be paid by your insurance.
Dose = It Depends. In the case of hypogonadism is men, arriving at the correct diagnosis is paramount. In the majority of cases, a morning total testosterone level below 300ng/dl is suspicious for hypogonadism. If the repeat tot-t is less than 300ng/dl, then it is diagnositic. This is the simple pov....There are other DX considerations. As for pellet implants, they have been around since the 1940's and are safe.