How do doctors differentiate between a bladder infection and a kidney infection?

Pain locale/ fever. Bladder: rarely fever, chills, or ill; causes burning, frequency, lower abdominal pain, bleeding, etc. Kidney: flank pain, fever, chills, ill.
By symptoms. Bladder infections usually cause painful, frequent urination with or without low back pain. Patients with kidney may have the above but will typically be quite ill with fever, nausea/vomitting and flank (upper back toward the side) pain. Both will usually have an abnormal urine test.

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Symptoms of kidney infections are the same as symptoms of bladder infections?

While both can. Cause malodorous urine, kidney infections are more serious: pain in side or back, very high fever, chills, and sepsis. Bladder symptoms are frequency, urgency, burning. The latter, if neglected or treated wrongly, can lead to an upper trcat infection.

Im23 &always get silent bladder infections Can a silent bladder infect. Cause a silent kidney infection? Can it delay period &cause pregnancy symptoms?

Silent UTIs. Yes, silent UTIs and bladder infections can lead to kidney infections (pyelonephritis) if left untreated. Typically, kidney infections are not "silent". they typically cause generalized symptoms (fever, aches) as well as pain at the kidney (lower r or l back). It is essential to get this these treated as they can lead to loss of kidney fcn. Infxn will not delay menses. See your doc for preg test.

Is there any way to tell the difference between a bladder and kidney infection without going to the doctor?

Yes. A kidney infection is a much more serious problem and it is associated with chills and fever as well as flank pain versus a bladder infection which can be devoid of any symptoms or associated with burning on urination, excessive urination and feeling of urgency to go. Kidney infections need to be investigated with appropriate testing and urine cultures.

Why do I keep getting bladder and kidney infections? I'm not having sex. There is blood and pus in my urine. Been 2 doc they have on clue 2 wats wrong

Hygiene. This is about your personal hygiene habits. That would be the most common reason for this problem. Wiping the anus after a bowel moment away from the urethra; bathing regularly; wearing clothes once and only after washing them.