Hi doc, I have been experiencing pain in both of my legs (inner side) above ankle. Calcium, potassium, protein, x rays. Tests are normal. Any help?

What is Cause. Are these pains activity related? Overuse injuries, improper shoe wear, sudden increase training, running on hard surfaces, etc could cause leg pain. It could something as simple as being dehydrated. The wrong footwear could affect the alignment of your foot or ankle and should be evaluated. Check magnesium and consider bone scan for stress fracture. Compartment testing for recurrent symptoms.
Insole. When pain is bilateral cause is usually systemic. Inner ankle pain both side shows you do not have proper arch support - you might have a medium or high arch - try walk-fit insole available at target and other stores will help the pain. To test your foot arch very gently, push the ball of the foot and heel together. The resulting curvature in your arch is its natural shape - high, medium, low.