I'm taking suboxen and vyavance and I just got I sharp pain in my upper right chest it went away after I bent over for a ill bet and I also had a beer?

Too much in the mix. I have all of my suboxone patients sign a contract, whereby they agree to not drink any alcohol while they are on suboxone, as it is not a safe combination. In my opinion, it is difficult to stay clean and sober while drinking alcohol, and i assume that is your goal. In addition, vyvance can have a habit forming potential, and for that reason, i don't prescribe stimulants to my suboxone patients.
See doctor. It is difficult to understand this question, but it sounds as if u are mixing multiple drugs that should not be mixed. If someone does this knowing of potential consequences, then it seems as if one may have a problem w/addiction, depression, bipolar d/o, or others. Please get help. See ur doc, or a psychiatrist specializing in addiction medicine. Some meds in combination can affect the heart.