How many teeth do one-year-olds typically have?

About 8. A typical one year old has 4 maxillary and 4 mandibular incisors. The rates of eruption varies so some children have more teeth and some less. When the child is nearing their 3rd birthday all primary teeth , 20 in all, should be present.
Range. Baby teeth erupt or push through the gums between 6 months and 30 months, both of my boys at one had 8 teeth, but in my practice I have witnessed more and less teeth at the same age. If you child has more or less i wouldnt stress i would start taking them to the dentist at one and express your concerns, your dentist can tell you if you need to worry upon examination.
The rule of thumb. is that for every 6 months of life, approximately 4 baby teeth will erupt. Normally the first tooth erupts between ages 5 to 12 months.
Varies greatly. There is a wide range of normal. Typically it would be between 8 to 12 teeth, but I have seen as few as none, and as many as 16 that were all considered normal. This is from my experience of having seen a few thousand kids in my 9.5 years of being a pediatric dentist.
From none to many. Teeth eruption is quite a variable process. I have seen as many as 2 at birth and a few normal kids with none until 15 months. Some referances say to expect 1 by four months & 1 per month thereafter (or 9-10 at a year). The primary 20 are usuall all in by three.
Varies . One- do not worry. The "book" says anywhere from 2-8. My own children did not have teeth until they were one and only one or two at that age. Just like the freshman in high school who looked 21 years old, and the senior who looked like they were in eighth grade, people develop differently. Do not worry about it.
6-12. Most infants have upper and lower anterior incisors and 12 month molars so 12 possible. Girls develop quicker so more teeth earlier than boys.