Does hyperglycemia cause weight gain?

Hyperglycemia. Usually not. Weight gain can cause hyperglycemia. Also, taking medication to control hyperglycemia can cause weight gain (especially insulin).
Maybe yes, maybe no. Depending on a person's situation, hyperglycemia could lead to weight gain, or weight gain could lead to hyperglycemia, or hyperglycemia and weight gain could both be the result of some other medical problem. Since both symptoms can be from serious medical problems, a person should spend several visits at his doctor's office to figure out the problem (which could be diabetes).

Related Questions

Could stopping exercising cause weight gain?

Yes. Yes of course... If you stop exercising and take in more calories than you are expending (now that you have stopped aerobically exersising) than weight gain is a definite possibility (unless u began dieting seriously @ similar time). Best of luck!

Can ecp cause weight gain?

ECP. What do you mean by ECP? Emergency Contraception Pill? External Counterpulsation? Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy? Etc.? Just not sure what you mean. Please clarify meaning using words vice acronym and re-ask.

Can stress cause weight gain?

Stress leads to +lbs. Stress leads to a number of various changes in the body that can cause weight gain. Stress increases cortisol levels which can increase the amount of weight around the waistline. Also, most people eat poorly under stress which increases weight. Stress also causes insomnia which often leads to overeating during the day.

Can biotin cause weight gain?

Haven't heard of it. Haven't heard of biotin causing weight gain. Haven't heard of any of the common over-the-counter vitamins causing weight gain.