What is the recovery like for tumescent liposuction?

Easy. Tumescent liposuction is probably the most common denominator for all types of liposuction and simply involves infusion of a dilute mixture of fluid with local anesthetic and Epinephrine to the area to be treated to the point of "tumescing" or distending the tissues to allow more smooth removal with less discomfort, less bleeding and while providing some fluid replacement.
Lipo recovery. Depends on the extent of the procedure but usually 3-5 days should be enough to return to light activities. By a month you should be back in your normal routine.
Usually rapid. Liposuction is a low recovery procedure for most patients. This adds to it popularity. Most people are back to light activity almost immediately and heavier activity within a week or two.
Prepare your body. Preparing your body prior to the procedure will enhance optimal healing. If you follow the proper guidelines, liposuction requires minimal recovery and patients resume activities within a few days. You can expect swelling, bruising, liquid retention, skin sensitivity, tightness and discomfort after liposuction. Symptoms diminish with proper nutrition, hydration, stretching and exercise guidelines.
Varies. Recovery after any type of surgical procedure will vary from one patient to another. Generally speaking, liposuction surgery is a relatively well tolerated procedure with ( for most patients) rapid return to work and activities.
It can vary. Recovery from liposuction varies according to the area that is suctioned, the amount of fat removed, how many areas are suctioned and what you mean by recovery. For example, someone who works with the public and undergoes liposuction of the neck, might want to take more time away from work before showing themselves to the public. Most routine liposuction patients can resume work within a week.