In asia how much do tummy tucks (witch hazel) and breast lifts usually cost?

travel medicine. Travel medicine entails certain risks that patients should be aware of. Not all foreign clinics have the same standard of care as seen in the United States. You may be taking an undue risk trying to save money.
Be careful...... People who go out of the country for plastic surgery are willing to take the chance; the chance that if something goes awry, they might have to return there. Liability in this country prevents me from becoming involved in "screw up" cases that were originally done elsewhere. I see these now and again and some of them are not easily repaired at any price. Just be careful as you consider this.
Varies from country. Asia is a continent with vrious culture and geographic locations of many sovereign countries. This question is so wide is like asking to find a needle in a haystack (almost!).Can you be more specific. Which country?
Not sure. If you are considering surgery in asia, you should ask these questions of those practices in asia. I would surmise that it could potentially be significantly less expensive. Then again, you are asking someone to operate on you and putting your safety in their hands, not just for surgery but in the recovery period. Other countries also have different regulations and safety standards.

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How do I go about researching a credible plastic surgeon for tummy tucks (witch hazel) and breast?

Many options. There are lots of ways to research plastic surgeons. I would start with a google search in your area. Visit several doctors websites looking at before and after pictures. You should look at their training and be sure they are board certified. It is also helpful to ask people and doctors you know for a recommendation.
Easy. Go web page for ASPS (american society plastic surgery) or ASAPS (amer society for aesthetic plastic surgery). The md should a member of one or both. Search w your zip. These mds can use the 3d circle & nefertiti/ triangle logos found on those sites. Any of these will be competent. Next, go for free consult w/ a brief list of questions & trust your gut feelings more than what friends say.
ASPS WEBSITE. Start with www. Plasticsurgery. Org. Only surgeons certified by the american board of plastic surgery and members of the american society of plastic surgeons (asps) are listed on this site.
Referral. Ask your primary medical doctor for a recommendation of a reputable doctor in your area. You can also check with the local medical societies, or contact the american society of plastic surgery (www. Plasticsurgery. Org) to find out if there are any members close to you.
Many Resources. I would suggest starting with the american society of plastic surgery or aesthetic society to obtain a list of well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. Arrange consultations and ask to see his/her before-and-after pictures and to potentially meet with previous patients who have undergone similar procedures. Do your due diligence carefully.

How much do tummy tucks (witch hazel) usually hurt?

Moderate pain. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) are painful mainly because the abdominal muscles are repaired. Pain is usually well controlled with medications. Count on a 2 week period for recovery.
Some more thn others. It will vary on the extent of the procedure (skin resection, areas of lipo, and the extent of the rectus diastasis). Pain meds and muscle relaxants will be commonly prescribed and used for the first two weeks. A pain pump may also help to diminish the clearly post-operative pain.
TT pain. The pain pump adds additional fees in range of $800 to $1, 000. Most are controlled by PO meds.
Significant. Tummy tuck surgery is associated with a significant amount of discomfort especially during the first few days after the procedure is performed. Most patients tolerate the discomfort well, especially with the help of pain medication, and/or pain pump. Patients considering tummy tuck surgery should not underestimate the length of recovery and the amount of postoperative help necessary.

Is it true that many celebrities get tummy tucks (witch hazel) surgery for flat abs?

Maybe. Six pack abs occur from reducing the amount of overlying fat that conceals the muscles. For women to have six pack abs they have to lose weight to the point that it might be unhealthy. Plastic surgery can help after pregnancy which can stretch out the muscles overlying the abdomen.
Yes. Like any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure, celebrities and other people consider tummy tuck to deal with loose skin and muscle of their abdomens and waist. This is most common to restore the figure after pregnancy. Make sure you are considering plastic surgery for you to treat an area that bothers you and not to make yourself famous or be like a celebrity.
Unknown. Doctors who do their surgeries are bound by confidentiality and cannot reveal who got it done or not. So pick a guess!

How many tummy tucks (witch hazel) can a woman have?

Many. You can have revisional tummy tucks (witch hazel). But if it didnt go right the first two times why get another. There is a point of diminishing returns.
Why more than one? I hate to answer your question with a question, but why would you need more than one? Most of the time I recommend that my patients are done having children before having a tummy tuck. In that case, one should be sufficient. If a patient has lost large amounts of weight (such as after a gastric bypass) they may need more than one operation to deal with the excess skin.
First is best. Ideally there should only be one tummy tuck after a woman has completed childbearing. Minor revisions or extensions are occasionally helpful, but a repeat tummy tuck is not usually beneficial.
Hopefully One. Tummy tuck surgery can be repeated if necessary. However, best to plan the tummy tuck correctly, in relation to life circumstances such as pregnancies and/or weight gain/loss. In other words, best to undergo tummy tuck surgery once when pregnancies have been completed and patients have achieved a long-term stable weight.