Trying to figure out what happened. Did the doctor give my preemie theophylline or theo-dur?

Theophylline. Theophylline and caffeine are two "stimulant" medications that a neonatologist may use to improve the breathing pattern in a premi with apnea. Theo-dur is the name of the same drug packaged and used as an oral medication for older kid or adult asthma. It is seldom used today since their are alternative meds with fewer side effects.
They could have. Theophylline is a respiratory stimulant that can help premature neonates avoid apnea episodes.

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Does the doctor give you theophylline or theo-dur?

Either. Theo-dur is a brand name (among several) for theophylline. It's the same thing.

Can taking theophylline for 6 months cause side effects in a preemie?

Theophylline. Used to treat asthma, theophylline is safe for use during pregnancy and during lactation. Theophylline is also used for treatment of apnea in premature babies.