Dentists and teeth x-rays; how many x-rays a year are safe?

As many as needed. Todays dental x-rays are safer. The dosage is less and the image quality has improved. More diagnostic information is available because of higher speed computers and better technology.If you have a dental problem it is safe to have as many x-rays as is needed to properly diagnose. The x-ray beam is shielded and aimed in such a way that damage to adjacent tissues is minimized.
Digital LowRadiation. Digital low radiation x-rays are used by many state of the art dentists. These type of x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%. Ask a dentist if they use this type of x-rays.
What your mouth need. Digital x-rays are far safer than the old film. Having said that the important issue about x-rays is that your history should dictate how often and how many x-rays your mouth needs. Talk to you dentist about it.

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Dentists order teeth x-rays and keep all the fees?

Yes. If i understand correctly you are asking if a dentists who has his dental assistant take x-rays of your teeth, keeps the fees for the service of taking your x-rays. If this is your question the answer is yes. If you wish to have a copy of your x-rays, most dentists will give you a copy or email your x-rays to you. I hope i answered your question. Read more...