Can I take echinacea while breastfeeding?

No. Even though we tend to think of herbs and plants as natural, it does not mean they are always safe, specially for infants or brestfeeding moms. What ever we consume, we are exposing our babies via breast milk. There is simply not enough data to take the risk.
Yes. Since no serious harmful side effects have been reported, it is likely safe to take echinacea for a short period. The paucity of data on its transfer into breast milk or its effect on lactation demands reconsideration of its use while breastfeeding.
No. We commonly believe that natural products must always be safe to use. Unfortunately this is not aways true (think arsenic). Infants may react differently to material that adults find safe. There is not conclusive evidence that echinacea is safe for breastfed babies. Thus until we know for sure, I do not believe it worth the risk.
Yes. Sure, though you don't necessarily want to take a ton. Most herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements are fine to take, and echinacea is generally ok. If any questions though, the pharmacist can check for concentrations and known interactions in the breast milk.
No. There is not enough evidence to feel safe using echinacea while nursing. In general, always check with your pediatrician before using any medicine, herbal remedy or supplement while you are breastfeeding.