How effective is the fraxel laser skin rejuvenation?

Very good. Fraxel is very effective with minimum downtime. Fraxel is my work horse with my practice.
Fraxel is fantastic. We have been using fraxel lasers (restore, repair and recently dual) for many years and out of 12 devices in my office they are my favorite. I personally have had the fraxel restore and dual treatments and got great results. My patients love them as well.
Very good. Like any treatment, as long as expectations are reasonable, the fraxel can get very good improvement (not perfection) in skin rejuvenation.

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Is palomar laser skin rejuvenation an effective way to reduce dark circles caused by leaky under-eye veins? Can it cause damage to that area?

Dark circles. Lasers and chemical peels reduce dark circles of the lower eyelid by causing thermal injury to the skin, forcing the skin to heal tighter and with a lighter color. These treatments reduce fine lines. However, lasers are risky to use around the eye, although they can be used safely for the rest of the face. I use chemical peels to tighten the skin of the lower eyelid to avoid damage to the eye. Read more...

Does laser skin rejuvenation work on all colors of skin?

Be Careful. Lasers allow you to preferentially target blood, pigment or water in the skin or tissues. That way, if you are trying to get rid of brown spots on the skin of a light complected person, you will have a good result as long as the settings are properly chosen. However, with darker skin, the laser has a tough time differentiating between normal skin color and spots to remove - be careful. Read more...
Laser skin . Laser skin rejuvenation is not the ideal modality in darker skin types due to the risk of worsening pigmentation and the potential risk of permanent pigment loss. In select patients with skin of color, pretreatment with skin lighteners followed by treatment can yield great results. Make sure to discuss specific goals and concerns with a cosmetic physician with expertise in skin of color. Read more...