What does hba1c on a blood test mean?

Average glucose. Hb A1c reflects the average blood glucose level over the previous 3-4 months. It is usually used to monitor glucose control in diabetes. It is also beginning to be used for diagnosis of diabetes.
Glucose control. A hba1c test will show how well (or poorly) glucose control has been over the last few months. It is a way to test how well a patient is treating their diabetes.

Related Questions

My sugar blood test =101 after 12 h fasting and the hba1c =5.3, I am so much worry about this, should I be? Labs says that normal range is 75-115?

Not to worry... These values are within the expected range, so I see no need to worry about them. If you are concerned about possibly having diabetes, due to family history, then I would suggest you see your primary care physician to discuss these concerns.

Need help docs! My blood test showed a hba1c level of 6 (the maximum range level is 5.7). How concerned should I be and what dietary changes should I make?

6 is still good. A Hba1c of 6 is still good. You should be mildly concerned but determined to make significant lifestyle changes to lose weight, increase exercise. Now is the best time to do this, before the effects of diabetes set in making it harder to lose weight. Right now your body is just a 'little' off and resetting it will be easier than when it is 'way' off!

When hba1c blood test should be taken in fasting or after eating?

Does not matter. The a1c is a 2 month look-back at blood sugars. It does not matter whether or not you have eaten.

What can I do to lower my HbA1C and glucose levels? My last blood test over a year ago shower HbA1C 5.6 and glucose 83.... I still eat lots of sugar!!

What's the concern? Eating sugar isn't really a factor when blood glucose is being evaluated. Maybe you can get your carbs in some other more wholesome form. Both your HgbA1c and glucose are fine. At age 24, you've got lots more worth your attention than fretting over labs. The key to preventing diabetes long-run -- and a huge help to one's emotions in a cruel world -- is staying aerobically fit. Best wishes.

I had a blood test done&my doctor check my hba1c levels even though I'm not diabetic, results came back clear but im still getting diabetic symptoms?!

Find another cause. Make a conscious decision to stop the obsessive idea that you have diabetes. If your personal physician cannot find the cause of your symptoms, get a consult. If you want to tell us what symptoms / signs you're having, I bet the healthtap team can suggest a few ideas -- including some that are often missed.

My father is 55 year old. His blood test result of hba1c is 7.6%. And urine microalbumin level 85 mg/l. Is it normal? ? If not so how to control it.

A1C. Diet and excersize, aerobic if tolerated, with or without weight loss goals depending on the patient.
High HbA1c. Your father has two problems. One is poorly controlled diabetes and the other is proteinuria. (p). P has ominous implications. Patients with significant p have an increased incidence of renal failure, stroke and cardiac disease. Have a nephrologist collect his urine to see how much protein is in it/day. He will need to be on ace-i or arb's to lower it. Have his glucose controlled so his hb1ac.