Is a hemoglobin A1c test a conclusive test for diabetes?

If elevated, >6.5... It equals diabetes but people can have nml (up to 5.6), or prediabetic range hga1c (5.7-6.4) and still have diabetes by blood sugar criteria; fasting 126 or >; 2 hour after eating =/>200.
Yes, it is. The HgbA1C is a measure reflective of your degree of diabetic control in the long term. It essentially represents a three month average of your fingersticks, as if you took a fingerstick every minute, night and day, eating and fasting, for three months straight and then averaged them all. Technically, it's the percentage of red blood cells that have glucose attached to them.
Yes, but. The american diabetes association. Have suggested that a hga1c of 6.5 or more signify diabetes. Other tests can also diagnose diabetes such a several hour oral glucose test. An astute doctor can determine if you are on your way to the diagnosis before you reach the 6.5. It is possible to delaying disease. The disease is treatable if you have it.