What are some of the side effects of timolol eye drops?

Heart, lung. Timolol is an effective anti-glaucoma drops. There is some systemic absorption of the agent termed a 'beta-blocking' agent. It can change the heart rhythm usually by capping the rate in exercise and it can increase the chance of asthma in the susceptible. If these symptoms occur, see your ophthalmologist for alternative treatments.

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I was wondering what are the side effects of timolol eye drops?

Timolol eye drops. There are more than 75 side effects reported with tomolol eye drops, more common are burning and stiging in eyes, blurry vision, bradycardia. Read more...

What are the side effects of timolol eye drops if you keep using it?

It depends. There are local side effects of dryness, eye irritation, and that can vary with the formulation of drops. Serious systemic side effects include heart block, decreased libido, depression, but these are very rare. Your doctor will help you monitor for these serious side effects, and if you are taking heart medications, an ekg may be indicated. Read more...