Side effects of nuvaring birth control include what kinds of things?

The usual. Some people do not have any side effects , but possible ones are, break through spotting or bleeding, new or increased vaginal discharge, headaches, blood clot, stroke are more uncommon ones, bloating , weight gain, sore breasts. While anyone can have a side effect, I have many patients on it and the majority do quite well. If you punch up the web site you can read about some others.

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I want to try nuvaring, I've been on other birth control and had bad side effects. What are the side effects of nuvaring?

Same. Nuvaring is the same as a birth control pills except it is absorbed transvaginally rather than thru the stomach. Because of that difference, you may have less nausea and more consistent blood levels of the drug. If you had 'bad side effects' with the pill, I suspect you will have the same with the Nuvaring. Discuss with your doctor what those side effects are. Read more...

How do the NuvaRing and birth control patch compare to the pill in terms of safety risks and side effects?

Birth control: safe. The NuvaRing and patch depend on creating a poor environment for a fertilized egg to implant in the womb. On occasions, both methods may fail. Both are "safe" but do not compare in efficacy to the low dose birth control pill taken properly in effectiveness. There are potentially fewer "side effects " with the NuvaRing and patch, however, excluding the failure rate for preventing pregnancy. Read more...