Any permanent side effects of laser hair removal?

Pigment change, scar. Complications include redness, a change in the pigmentation of the skin, either lighter or darker, and scarring. Redness and darkening of the skin are usually temporary. Lightening of the skin may also recover. Patients with a tan and darker skin types are at more risk. See an experienced dermatologist or aesthetic physician in order to minimize risk of complications.

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Is laser hair removal permanent? Are there any side effects?

Hair removal. Lasers are very effective for hair reduction (hair isn't actually removed, just miniaturized to where it doesn't show about skin surface) in the hands of a properly trained and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Gray, blond or red hair does not respond to laser treatment. Proper laser must be used for correct skin type which is determined before tx. May have pigment change or scarring.
Laser. Laser hair removal should be thought of as permanent hair reduction not removal as it is difficult remove all the dark targeted hairs. Keep in mind that while effective, laser hair removal will take place over multiple treatments.
Hair removal safe. Laser hair removal is safe, if performed by an experienced professional. It is permanent but can take multiple sessions since it only works for hairs in the growing phase.

Is a whole body laser hair removal surgery safe? Are there any side effects? Does it effect sensations in private area*?

Generally safe. Laser hair reduction is generally safe but there are risks involved. Make certain that you are going to a center that is physician supervised to avoid complications. When done correctly, there are no long term side effects.