A pregnant patient has high serum creatinine. How it can be reduced?

See below. During pregnancy the kidney actually works harder and increases function and this results in a lower serum creatinine than before pregnancy . Having a higher creatinine means there has been damage to the kidney in the past and the kidney cannot increase its functioning capacity and needs to be investigated.

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A patient has 9 mg/dl range of serum creatinine. How it can be reduced?

High creatinine. It may not be able to be reduced. A patient not on dialysis with a creatinine level (cl) of 9 is quite sick. Patients with a cl so high not in the hospital should be. The cl may be reduced if is due to some renal drug toxicity or some obstruction. It is best to have this person seen by a physician as soon as possible as his potassium level may be life-threatening. Read more...