Does anyone know a doctor that will do a hysterectomy under regional anesthesia?

Talk to MD. Patient preferences are always taken into account when planning an anesthetic. If, however, the surgeon is going to use a laparoscopic technique a regional anesthetic will not be sufficient.
Hysterectomy regiona. Yes there should be many anesthesiologists that can easily do this under epidural or spinal anesthesia - the rel issue is will your ob/gyn be receptive to this method of anesthesia.
Should be available. If it is a virginal hysterectomy or open then a spinal or epidural could be performed very mush like in a c section. However if it is going to be laparoscopic the surgeon has to inflate your belly with co2 to see clearly and the distension of your abdomen causes shoulder discomfort so regional is difficult in that situation. If you need to convert to general its normally no problem .
Most prefer general. But they can be done with regional. Talk to your doctor.
Sure. It depends on what type of hysterectomy you need (note i said need not want). A vaginal hysterectomy is easily done under a spinal. An abdominal hysterectomy can also be done under a spinal block. If it needs to be done laproscopicly...It really can not be done without general anesthesia without significant discomfort.