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I have MS & neurogenic bladder, history kidney stones & infections. Now may have pus pocket on kidney uncured for months. How is it treated?

Complex. See a urologist and perhaps a nephrologist, as your kidney issues clearly need attention and you need a solution here asap. The multiple sclerosis also requires therapy but unable to find a specific med listed. Are you followed by a neurologist? Do you have a disorder caused by a diiferent disease?
Renal abscess. It is often possible to treat a renal abscess with a percutaneous drain placement by interventional radiologist.

How do you treat a UTI with a neurogenic bladder?

Same. Urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics other one has a normal bladder or an overactive bladder or a neurogenic bladder. Since neurogenic bladder's often are symptomatic when no infection is present, it is especially important to have a urine culture prior to anabiotic therapy.