What can I do to fade a port-wine stain birth mark?

Laser for PWS. The gold-standard therapy for treatment of port-wine stains (pws) is the pulsed dye laser. This laser is very effective and safe for the reduction in the color of the pws, and helps to prevent the thickening and nodularity that can develop over time. Complete clearance is not likely, but many pws can see a 70-90% improvement. Most require multiple treatments, generally about 6-12 sessions.
IPL for PDL. Intense pulsed light or a pulse dye laser are 2 options for fading a port wine stain. Port wine stains are difficult to treat. You will probably need at least a few treatments to see an improvement. Using high quality equipment is important. Shop around, but not for price....For results. Doctors tend to use whatever laser they have so they don't lose the chance to treat you. Some work, some don't.