How do you know if you have an infection in your knee after a partial knee replacement?

Red swollen hot pain. The clinical findings that are concerning for an infected knee are: 1. Redness/pinkness around the incision or knee. 2. Increased swelling around knee 3. Increased pain with bending or weight bearing 4. Fever, chills, lethargy, loss of appetite 5. A knee draining fluid from the incision or a new hole 6. Blood tests with elevated wbc, crp, esr. See your surgeon with any concern asap, don't wait!
Pain, swelling. A infection after a partial or full knee replacement usually results in persistent pain, swelling, redness, increased warmth and/or fever. Most patients have 1-2 of these symptoms/signs, but rarely have all of them, especially if a chronic injection. A physical exam, draining fluid from around the prosthesis, lab work and tests such as a special bone scan can help in diagnosing an infection.