Just had parathyroidectomy but still have hoarse voice, actually lost voice at first?

Worrisome. You may have had an injury to the nerve that controls one of your vocal chords. You should see an ENT doctor to have him or her look at your voicebox. If the cord is not moving well chances are it will recover with time.
Recurrent nerve. Although unusual, the recurrent nerve can be injured during a parathyroidectomy. If your hoarseness was mild and very transient, I would not worry about it. But if it persists, have some one look at your vocal cords (usually an ent). It is quick and painless.

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Had parathyroidectomy and got a hoarse voice (actually lost voice at first); how long to get the voice back?

Nerve problem. During parathyroidectomy, there is risk to the nerve that controls the voice. It can suffer temporary or permanent injury. This will alter the sound of the voice as well as the effort required to make the sound. See a laryngologist for an examination and the best advice. Most of us will treat the voice and then watch you. After a year, don't expect function to return to normal.