How long does it take to recover from an ovarian cyst removal surgery?

Usually a day or two. Ovarian cysts are sometimes removed surgically, usually with laparoscopy. This involves inserting instruments through 1/4 inch incisions. Recovery time from laparoscopic surgery is usually only a couple of days.

Related Questions

Two weeks after an ovarian cyst removal surgery, is it normal to feel the urge to pee more frequently?

No. Likely during surgery a catheter was used to drain your bladder. In 10-20% of cases a low grade bladder infection could cause such frequency symptoms. The incision and surgical wound could also give similar symptoms? Might need some antibiotics. A urine culture could sort this out.

Six weeks after an ovarian cyst removal surgery, is it normal to still feel the urge to pee more frequently?

Doubtful. I would have you checked for a urinary tract infection. Less likely but possible would be a complication of surgery or recurrent cyst.

Why is my lower back swollen after gall bladder surgery with an ovarian cyst removal?

Please call the doc. Who did your surgery, they know what they did and how it went, that is included in your post op care the doc is supposed to answer all? S like this and do the proper txment if there is a problem.

How long is the usual recovery time for an ovarian cyst removal?

Quick. If the removal is done by laparoscopy, usually complete recovery takes about 2 weeks but some women recover even quicker. However you can resume most normal activities 3-4 days after the procedure.

Has anyone ever had trouble with pain months after an ovarian cyst removal?

Yes. During reproductive age cysts are very common. Most women would have something considered a cyst at least once per year but would never know unless an x-ray test was performed due to pain. Often though the pain is completely separate from the cyst. The follicle (a cyst) that is the growing egg each month grows to 2-3 cm and ruptures each month. Cyst rupture is normal! Cysts unusually cause pain.

Why might there be a lump under my belly button after an ovarian cyst removal?

Scar tissue? Hernia? Go back to your gynecologist and ask his/her opinion. It may be nothing more than scar tissue (especially if done laparoscopically), but it may be a hernia.