What is the difference in recovery time between abdominoplasty and a mini tummy tuck?

A few weeks. A standard tummy tuck takes 2-12 weeks to recover to full activity due to the work done to tighten your muscles. A mini tummy tuck may only involve skin, which is less recovery and less pain overall. However, most women need more than a mini tummy tuck.
Double to Triple... A full tummy tuck can take a few months for recovery to full activities especially if you are a avid exerciser. A "mini" being much lesser surgery would be less than half that time. The way to think of it is a fully tummy tuck is two to four times the surgery of a "mini.".
Tummy Tuck Recovery. In general the tummy tuck recovery is 3 weeks. During this time, it is best if you do not drive. The mini- tummy tuck is ~ a week less in recovery time. Dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Difference. Mini tummy tucks (witch hazel) can be performed with the endoscope to help plicate and tighten the muscles. This procedure is reserved for patients without excess skin or stretch marks. Otherwise an incision is necessary to remove the excess skin and stretch marks. A mini tummy tuck has a quicker recovery 1-2 weeks versus 2-4 weeks.
Shorter with Mini. The mini tummy tuck may be associated with less recovery, given the “less” work done on the abdominal wall muscles. However, several weeks of recovery are needed for both operations nevertheless. Keep in mind, that most patients who have had pregnancies and/or weight gain/loss do much better (from the outcome standpoint) with the full tummy tuck operation. Best wishes.
Will differ. In many instances the same post-operative instructions may be advised for both procedures. This gerally includes 3 weeks of limited physical activity.
About 2/3. A mini would usually have 2/3 the recovery time of a full (also 2/3 pain, time off work). The difference between the two procedures is in a mini there is a- 1. Shorter scar 2. Less skin removed 3. Less muscle tightening a patient is usually only ideally suited for one procedure, meaning to achieve the best results one procedure is preferred over another depending the patient's characteristics.