Coronary artery disease. Single vessel disease 60% luminal (phenobarbital) narrowing. What should I do?

Medical management . Medical management of cardiovascular risk factors in conjunction with your cardiologist.
Get another test. Usually 70% is cutoff i would recommend having an intracoronay ultrasound or flow measurement via cardiac cath to determine real functional degree of obstruction.

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With single vessel luminal (phenobarbital) narrowing coronary artery disease what percent requires angio?

CAD. If a suspicion of significant CAD is present (symptoms or abnormal stress study), angiography might be indicated. Intervention might be indicated if a blockage of greater than 70% is present. Read more...

Soft plaques at the proximal right coronary artery causing 30% luminal (phenobarbital) stenosis. What does thid mean?

Plaques. It means you have plaque in your coronary artery not obstructing flow a lot. It means aggressive diet, exercise, not smoking, BP control, lipid control, diabetes control all should be done to minimize progression of the plaque. Aspirin is also a good idea. Read more...