How long does it take to recover from a lumbar laminectomy and work again?

Depends on. That depends on your age and health status and how conditioned or deconditioned you wree at the time of sugery and how many levels were involved in your surgery but generally 3 months.

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How long should it take to recover from a lumbar laminectomy?

12 weeks in total. Ususlly you can return to all activities and sports after 12 weeks post operatively.

Is a lumbar laminectomy hard to recover from?

Decompression. Stenosis from degenerative changes to the lumbar spine does not always require a standard laminectomy. Newer techniques that allow for canal expansion through a small unilateral opening in the spine (laminotomy) are equally effective and reduce the amount of muscle dissection and retraction as well as bone removal and blood loss. I now perform these procedures on an outpatient basis.
This depends on. Several factors: your age, physical condition, underlying medical issues, your weight, smoking status, the diagnosis for your surgery and number of levels involved as well as presence of any other spine issues other than the one addressed by the surgery. In general, most people are bactk to their usual routines in 6-12 weeks after surgery?