What are the lumbar laminectomy aftercare rehab exercises?

See below. It really depends on what was done at surgery and the preferences of the surgeon. Most surgeons that i work with prefer a simple walking program in the first several weeks after the surgery and we may then get into more of a conditioning, endurance and strength training.
Generally, these . Start with mild cardiovascular routines like walking progressing to flexibility and core strengthening several weeks post op withan increase of cardio routines as tolerated with a return to all activities by 12 weeks.

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Hi doctors, can you tell me what are good lumbar laminectomy aftercare exercises?

Number of them. Once you have recovered and cleared for exercise, make sure you do core strengthening and exercises like leg lifts and knee tucks (witch hazel) which will help mobilize the nerve roots and avoid adhesions/scarring around the dura. Read more...