Does anyone know where to find information about infantile spasms and autism?

Epilepsy foundation. I would contact the Epilepsy Foundation for information about Infantile Spasms, a particularly serious seizure disorder that effects children during the first year of life. there are also web sites dealing specifically with infantile spasms. The same can be said for autism web sites.
Some connection. Not clear that there is a causal link. Here's a link to an abstract of a study: http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/18557779 risk of autism increased with those with infantile spasm, but risk of seizures is increased with autism. The grea majority of children with autism don't have infantile spasms, and vice versa. Co-occurrence may reflect an underlying problem with brain development.
Doctors. This is a good, but complex question. The best answers should come from your pediatrician or a pediatric neurologist for facts and the proper context.
It's not the spasms. Any brain pathology causes greater risk of autism. Underlying causes are found in > 75% of infants with west syndrome. Almost 50% of infants with ws have a prenatal cause such as abnormal development of the cortex of the brain, metabolic syndromes, or genetic syndromes. Tuberous sclerosis can cause both west syndrome & autism. West syndrome itself can cause regression or arrest of development.