What type of insulin is added to a TPN hyperalimentation?

Reg human insulin. Regular human Insulin (r) is typically added to TPN or total parenteral nutrition. Because TPN is given via the vein, human r Insulin that is delivered with the nutrients can immediately be transported throughout the body to have effects. This is in contrast to the situation when a person injects Insulin into skin. In this case r human Insulin needs at least 30-40 min to start having effects.

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What type of insulin is usually added to TPN (hyperalimentation)?

TPN insulin. Once Insulin is given IV (like tpn) it lasts the same (minutes) no matter what type it is. Usually regular (human r) Insulin is added because it is the cheapest insulin., so why spend more on more expensive Insulin when they all will last for the same timings and have exactly the same effects. Read more...