Best way to hydrate dry skin?

Many Tricks. Proper bathing routine (short 5 min shower, luke warm), immediately moisturize with a thick cream (no lotions) within 3 min after exiting the shower. Reapply moisturizer at one other time during the day to trouble areas. Also using a oil-based shower wash (like eucerin calming body wash, robathol, or neutrogena rain bath) can give some oil back to your skin in the shower. This should help a lot.
Dry skin. Avoid lengthy showers w hot water (warm is better). Oil-based moisturizers hydrate skin. Moisturize skin often. Hydrate well – especially w water. Eat a nutritious diet. Use gentle soaps or cleansers that are unscented & hypoallergenic. Avoid deodorant soaps or other harsh soaps. Remember that you don’t have to wash entire body w soap every day. Use soap on areas that are dirty or where body >