How long does one have to wait, for hiv-1 DNA PCR results?

Just few days. Depends how fast the genetic lab receives the specimen, HIV virus dna analysed and identfied by pollymer chain reaction, or PCR making copies of sequence and identifies.

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How long should I wait to get HIV 1 DNA RNA test?

Need more info. To give an answer to your question more information is needed. Did you recently start medications to treat hiv, then the answer is after about 1-2 months. Did you recently engage in a high risk activity, such as unprotected anal intercourse? In that case, I would advise first and foremost to use protection in the future and to be tested as soon as possible. Hiv may show up as soon as 7-10 days.

Does DNA PCR test for HIV 1&2 lose sensitivity over time? How accurate can a negative result for DNA PCR be on checking at 89 days post exposure?

No sensitivity loss. These tests do not lose sensitivty over time. A negative result at almost 3 months is almost 100% conclusive. However, to reach 100% certainty, you also need an antibody test, if not already done.

How many types of HIV are there? I did HIV DNA PCR for HIV 1 only I'm afraid If I'm infected by other types.

HIV risks. There are two major strains of HIV in the world - HIV-1 and HIV-2. Almost all infections are HIV-1 unless you live in W. Africa where there is some HIV-2. If your test was negative then that is great. You should still be careful though because HIV infection requires life long medication to manage it. Probably best to get follow up with your doc. There are lots of ways to have safe sex-b careful.