Can having liver disease affect your blood results you get back from hep c?

Yes. First have to apologize, i hit the wrong 'button' on question about donating your liver if have hep c: no. As for current question, if you've recovered from the acute phase hep c, all the liver function studies often come back to normal, though may persist in elevated state. Your body will develop hep c antibodies, but at any time in the future, it could become active or lead to other liver probs.

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Slightly overweight, Insulin resistance, enlarged liver 17cm, is this fatty liver disease? Or hep C

2 different diseases. Fatty liver is predominantly due to: high alcohol intake, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity. The more of these risks you have, the greater the chance of fatty liver. Addressing these risks is an important step to correcting fatty liver. Distinguish hepatosteatosis (fatty liver) from steatohepatitis (fatty liver with abnormal liver tests that risks cirrhosis & liver cancer. Hep C is an infection. Read more...