Can I donate my liver if hep c?

Very protected sex. First your partner has to find out if he definitely has hep c, given the options to treat or not to teat, but understand fully the implications of having this entity, and possible complications on the future. The expert would answer in detail your question (you both should go), as a general answer, if quality condom is used, should be protected. In the medical field, nothing is 100%.

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How can I rejuvent my liver. I have hep- c.

Be good. It is important to avoid other injury to your liver if you have hepatitis c. I recommend complete alcohol and marijuana avoidance. Avoid medications that injure the liver. Get vaccinated for hepatitis a and b. Lose weight if you are overweight or obese. Talk to your doctor to see if you need treatment against hepatitis c.

What are dark dots on the liver I have scirrosis and hep. C

Hello.. Hello. What is commonly referred to as liver spots or dark spots is solar lentigo. It usually forms on skin areas that are exposed to the sun, like your hands and face. The color can range from light brown to black. It is caused by aging and sun exposure – not due to liver damage. With your medical history, if you are actually referring to a diagnostic study of your liver; I would ask your physician for specific input.
"dark spots" Doesn't mean anything medically. Depends on what kind of scan you are talking about - an ultrasound, liver scan, ct scan etc. If you have cirrhosis, it means some doctor has determined that your liver is scarred, and the scarring can produce "nodules" that may look like dark spots. There is treatment available and you should strongly consider it. If you drink alcohol, stop. Good nutrition helps.

Lift side lower back is ur liver there n could it cause very unconformable pain? I have hep c n I've had it for 12 years now

Liver on upper right. Take your hand and place it along your lower ribs on your right upper abdomen. That is where the front of the liver lies. It is about the size of a football. The left lower side had intestines. Inflammation like diverticulitis can cause severe pain there. This might have nothing to do with hcv, but if you have cirrhosis there is an increased risk of infections. Sounds like you need to get checked.

My friend only has 1/8 of her liver that is functioning, she also has hep c and a family trait of liver problem. What can she do?

Hepatologist. There is very effective therapy now available with which to treat hepatitis C. She should see an expert on liver disease. Almost certain that there should be somebody available at Univ of Texas Med Branch at John Sealy Hospital. Good luck.

What do you suggest if my friend only has 1/8 of her liver that is functioning, she also has hep c and a family trait of liver problem?

Treat HCV, close f/u. have her work closely with her hepatologist. Get her HCV treated, and manage whatever the hereditary condition is. If she's in her 30s as well may need a transplant evaluation at some point soon... (no medical quantification of "1/8 liver working" btw... liver function tests a lot more predictive in terms of prognosis.)

If you have hep c do you have normal liver enzymes?

Yes. Now that we are screening more often for HCV in asymptomatic individuals, we commonly see positive HCV results in the setting of normal liver enzyme results. Decision to treat is based on further testing and a discussion between patient and provider.
It's possible... it is possible to have normal liver enzymes and still have hepatitis C. More typically, however, are mild elevations of the ALT or AST. If you have any risk factors for hepatitis C infection, or if you were born between 1945 and 1965, you should get tested for hepatitis C. Good luck.

Could tenncare blucare cover liver transplants for cirrhosis and hep c patients?

Insurance Coverage. Insurance coverage for liver transplant varies by carrier. You should check this with your insurance representative.

How bad is cirrhosis of the liver from hep c? Should I be angry at ex?

Anger unhelpful. Cirrhosis from hep c is one of the most common causes for liver transplantation in the U.S. Very bad disease. Hope you are getting treated. Means of acquisition of hep c not always very clear. Some from blood transfusions years ago, IV drug use w needle sharing, but sexual transmission not entirely clear since many couples have only one partner positive after years of cohabitation.
Tx for Hep C. Unfortunately it is bad. The good news is that in few months medicines would cure or eliminate the virus. Make sure you discuss treatment with a liver specialist, a gastoenterologist or infectious disease specialist.