Can epoetin cause vision changes in a hemodialysis patient with diabetic retinopathy?

Depends. Dialysis can change the osmolarity of blood. The osmolarity of the jelly like substance inside the eye and lens can also change. These changes create a flux of fluid out of these tissues. These changes the anatomy of this lens system. So prescription of eye changes. These changes are temporary and not occur each time of dialysis or everyone.
Blurred vision. Epoetin does not cause blurred vision. I would suspect other causes for the blurred vision such as diabetic retinopathy, cataract, dry eye, or other issues. The patient should see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

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Do doctors see a lot of patients with diabetic retinopathy?

About 1/3. The incidence of diabetic retinopathy is about 1/3 of diabetics according to government statistics. The condition is related to how well the diabetes is controlled and if you have controlled any tendency toward high blood pressure. Take care of both of these conditions and you are less likely to get the retinopathy. Read more...
Yes. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss in working aged adults. It may become increasingly common as more americans become ill with diabetes. It is recommended that diabetics get annual screenings for retinopathy by an ophthalmologist. Read more...