Can a leg ulcer cause diabetic retinopathy?

No. A leg ulcer will not cause diabetic retinopathy. The two are related though. A person's whose diabetic disease has progressed to the point of having a leg ulcer will also often have diabetic retinopathy. Both happen with poorly controlled diabetes.
Ulcer and retinopath. The processes that cause both of these conditions are related but there is no cause and effect between the two. Many patients with diabetes can have both conditions but it is due to the underlying complications of the diabetes mellitus inself.
No. Both are from advancing diabetic disease, both are signs of diabetes, but the are not related. In other words, you can have both problems, just because you have diabetes. But one does not cause the other. Diabetes is a disease that causes both, as well as many other problems. Make sure you and your doctor are controlling your sugars as tightly as possible!

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My dad is being given compression dressing for a leg ulcer it's not working at all... What other treatment could be explored. He is diabetic?

Wound care clinic. Hi. Take your Dad to a wound care clinic for specialized attention to the wound. They have a number of options. Also, it is of course critically important to make sure his diabetes control is excellent. Poor diabetes control impairs wound healing.

What can I do to dress a leg ulcer in a diabetic patient?

See. Vascular surgeon, wound specialist but team approach often most beneficial eg: endocrinologist, ? Neurologist, ? Infectious disease specialist often part of team.
Cause? Many ulcers are caused by venous disease even in diabetic patients. These are most often found on the inside of the ankle. If this is the case see a venous doctor.

What dietary changed with help the healing of a diabetic's leg ulcer?

Diabetic ulcer heal. The single best dietary factor in a diabetic with an ulcer is to get your blood sugar under the best control that you can. Next important would be dietary protein but you should consult with he pcp to make sure that your renal function is not going to be affected by higher protein intake.
Diabetic diet. Following a good diabetic diet that allows you to keep your blood sugar nice and low and level will give you your best chance at healing an ulcer. See a doctor for additional wound care, debridement, or antibiotics if there are any signs of infection.

How do physicians dress a leg ulcer in a diabetic patient?

Ulcer in a Diabetic. This is too general of a question to answer accurately. A diabetic can develop diabetic foot ulcers but they are also at risk for other types of ulcers too like venous stasis ulcers. A diabetic ulcer that is considered neuropathic requires offloading; an infectious process needs to be treated with antibioitics; and if there is a blood supply issue then that needs to be corrected.
Depends. This all depends on the underlying pathology that has led to the leg ulcer. I would encourage you see a vascular surgeon for in depth evaluation of the arterial and venous circulation. The type of dressing and care for the ulcer depends more on the underlying pathology thatn the presence or absence of diabetes.
It varies.. Depending on the cause of the ulceration, how large it is, and your specific health concerns, there are many different wound care products we may use. If your doctor makes recommendations for daily wound care, follow them!

How should you dress a diabetic leg ulcer?

Diabetic ulcer. What you dress a wound with has to do with the location of the wound, the amount of fluid coming off of a wound, where in the timeline of the healing, cost of the products (there are always choices), ease of placing those products, availability of home health, etc...

What should or should not be eaten to hasten the healing of a diabetic leg ulcer?

Diabetic diet. You need to follow a balanced diabetic diet plan. Also be sure you are eating enough protein. Your pcp can arrange a visit with a nutritionist for specific instructions and tips.
Blood sugar. The most important nutritional factor in a patient with a diabetic ulcer is to maintain adequate protein intake as well as making certain to keep the blood sugars under control.
Diabetic ulcer heal. The single best dietary factor in a diabetic with an ulcer is to get your blood sugar under the best control that you can. Next important would be dietary protein but you should consult with he pcp to make sure that your renal function is not going to be affected by higher protein intake.

My dad is diabetic, angioplasty and overweight. He has developed a leg ulcer about size of fist doctors only dressing it help it's getting big/worse?

Needs more treatment. If a diabetic ulcer is not getting better with dressing changes as they are being done then more treatment is needed. See a vascular surgeon.
Sugar controlled? Hi. Usually these ulcers are a complication of chronically poor diabetes control. I suggest he control his blood sugar VERY TIGHTLY! See a wound clinic. Make sure arterial blood supply to the affected leg is good. Germany has excellent healthcare. Please don't ignore this. This internet is NOT where he'll get what he needs! He needs close, in person medical follow up! Good luck to him!

I have a venous leg ulcer it, s a large one and it has started to bleed heavily, what will cause this?

If you truly. Have a venous leg ulcer (chronic) then you need treatment at an advance wound center where proper diagnosis and treatment usually result in fairly prompt resolution. For the time being apply direct pressure to the wound with multiple gauze pads to control bleeding then replace with non adherent dressing until you can be seen.
Erosion. Erosion, or spread, of the ulcer into a significant blood vessel. See a venous specialist and a wound care physician.
Bleeding vein ulcer. Venous ulcers are due to chronic venous insufficiency which leads to venous hypertension. The area around the ankle has the greatest pressure and the skin weakens and can then ulcerate. Blood vessels in that area can erode through the weakened skin and then bleed. If you have a venous ulcer then you need a full venous evaluation with a venous ultrasound. See a vein specialist.

Any ideas why does diabetes cause diabetic retinopathy?

High glucose damage. The exact mechanism by which diabetes causes retinopathy remains unclear. Several theories have been proposed. Increased levels of blood glucose are thought to damage the structural and functional integrity of the retinal capillaries, predisposing to sluggish circulation, endothelial damage, and focal capillary occlusion. This leads to retinal ischemia, which contributes to the development of dr.