How long do you stay in therapy after three finger amputation?

Depends . This would depend on which three fingers were amputated and on whether the amputation was in the dominant hand. If the thumb is still present it would beach easier to learn to use the hand and therapy is usually shorter. The time will depend primarily on the type of activities that the person needs to re-learn to do with less fingers.
3 months minimum. Most patients with replanted fingers require therapy for at least 3 months, and often 4-6 months to regain maximal mobility. Even then, many patients will need additional procedures, that will require further therapy.

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What to do if I had partial finger amputation surgery three days ago?

Wound care. Swelling, avoidance of infection, follow up with your surgeon is essential for all these things. Make sure you have a timely follow up. Make sure you inderstand how the surgeon wants you to handle the surgical wounds and when anh how to resume motion of the injured and uninjured digits. Read more...