Getting facial fillers to make a thin face look rounder; how is that done?

Facial Filler Use. Using facial fillers also called a "liquid facelift" essentially uses fillers and botox/dysport to restore the volume of your face lost by the aging process. It does not take the place of a facelift but beneficiallly adds to the final result. Some of the fillers used include jeuvederm, sculptra, radiesse, (dermal fillers) resylane, voluma and others.. It is a simple office procedure well tolerated.
Fillers to face. Fillers are a variety of materials that can be injected either into or under the skin to make an area, like the face or lips, look fuller. Most are temporary and very safe.
Sculptra. You can use sculptra which will help you rebuild your own collagen and indicated to last for 2 years.