What is the treatment for diarrhea?

Fluids fluids fluids. Drinks plenty of fluids to keep up with the fluid losses. There are medications that can slow down the diarrhea such as lomotil, (diphenoxylat and atropine) but they may prolong the episode of the loose stools. Its better to let the body flush it out naturally, while you keep up with the fluid losses.
BRAT diet. If your baby has a stomach virus, you could try pedialyte for a few feedings to see if she tolerates it better than formula. In a child taking solid foods, the "brat" diet (bananas-rice-apple sauce-toast) is recommended. Other starchy foods such as mashed potatoes, rice, and bland pasta will help to solidify the stools. Avoid juices such as apple, pear or prune as they may loosen the stools.

Related Questions

What is the treatment for diarrhea and vomiting in a child of 22 months?

FLUIDS. The most important thing is hydration. Infants can become dehydrated quickly. Pedialyte is a great fluid to start with. Wait 30-45 minutes after a vomiting episode before introducing small amount (1-2 teaspoons) and wait 10-15 minutes and offer a small amount more. When no longer vomiting increase fluids and introduce solids (bland) small amounts. If still vomiting see your pediatrician.

What is the best treatment for diarrhea for an adult?

Diarrhea. Assuming its acute diarrhea - I would go on a clear liquid diet for at least 24hrs - anything you can see thru you can have except alcohol. This will keep you hydrated. Then add food back slowly - starting with a brat diet bananas, rice cereal applesauce and toast. No diary products for at least several days and avoid spicy greasy foods. Immodium/kaopectate works also.

What is the treatment for nighttime diarrhea for my 87 yr. Old mom?

Immodium/doc visit. You could try using over the counter immodium. However, you may want her to be checked out by her physician to ensure there's no infectious cause or inflammatory cause. Also the type of diarrhea would be signify other issues that could be dangerous therefore an evaluation as to the why prior to or in conjunction with using otc meds would be warranted. Keep her hydrated!

What are your treatment options for acute diarrhea due to chronic pancreatitis?

Work up. Acute diarrhea needs usually work up and should not be assigned to chronic pancreatitis. Being accomplished with stool studies at least, depending upon how sick you are.

What is the best herbal treatment for diarrhea and abdominal cramps, and does probiotics beneficial for the situation? Best regard.

See answer. If this is truly irritable bowel (i.e, no bowel inflammation has been seen), peppermint oil may be helpful especially for the crampy pain. Probiotics are a mixed bag but certain probiotics containing Bifidobacteria strains have been helpful.

What's the best treatment to get rid of diarrhea?

Depends. If the diarrhea is due to an infection by a virus, it will need to run its course. You can help things along by taking a probiotic (healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus species) daily until better. Diarrhea due to bacterial infections sometimes require antibiotic therapy. Diarrhea that persists more than 2 weeks, or bloody diarrhea of any duration, should be evaluated by your doctor.

What is the recommended treatment for c. Difficile diarrhea?

Vancomycin/Flagyl. Antibiotics (especially clindamycin) select for the overproliferation of clostridium difficile in the colon which can lead to profuse, watery diarrhea (and ultimately megacolon). For severe cases, a course of IV Metronidazole (flagyl) or oral vancomycin is the mainstay therapy. Fidaxomicin (dificid) is a newer drug that is also being used to selectively target pathogenic c. Difficile.
Metronidazole. Metronidazole is a standard of care for c.Diff diarrhea.