Other than colestipol what medications can lower blood levels of carotenoids (and is that a bad thing)?

You mean cholesterol. Colestipol is a bile sequestrant drug mostly used to lower cholesterol. These meds have fallen a bit out of favor due the superiority of statins and far fewer adverse effects.

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Other than colestid (colestipol) what medications can lower blood levels of carotenoids?

Carotenoids. We don't usually measure carotenoids. I found this info on line: beta-carotene: according to secondary sources, Cholestyramine (questran®) and Colestipol (colestid®) may reduce absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, including beta-carotene. A clinical trial suggests that serum carotenoid concentrations were reduced in adolescents treated with Colestipol (8660081). Serum levels of beta-carotene may be.
Higher is better. Most of published data points to the health benefit of increasing carotenoids in our diet. There does not appear to be a need to lower levels. Data suggests these agents may lead to a reduction in macular degeneration, cataracts, certain cancers (lung, skin, uterine, cervix, gastrointestinal), and heart disease by decreasing formation of LDL particles.

Besides colestipol and colestid what medications can lower blood levels of carotenoids?

Cholesterol Rx. There are multiple types of cholesterol lowering medications ranging from those that work on cholesterol absorption through the intestines to ones that work on how the liver packages or "creates" different cholesterol subtypes. Talk with your doctor for more information.