Pls suggest when to go for double chin liposuction?

Good Candidate? Good candidates for chin liposuction are those healthy patients who present at a “stable weight”. These patients have diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue of this area with good quality overlying skin elasticity present. Some patients who present for this operation do better with neck lifting as opposed to liposuction surgery.
Chin liposuction? If you are a good candidate, the sooner the better. Having extra fat is not that uncommon. Removing the fat, if possible is dependent you your health, expectations and skin elasticity among other factors. The older you are, the greater the chance the extra skin removed will result in "loose" skin which ay be worse than the original problem.
Chin liposuction. Chin or submental liposuction is a minimally invasive technique to define the jawline by removing excess fat and the appearance of a double chin. It can improve the contour of the cervicomental angle and reduce the appearance of a double chin. Risks include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, irregular contour, scarring, and need for revision. It is best if you are at your goal weight beforehand.
Liposuction. When you are ready and have the money to pay for it.
Any time. If you have excess fat below your chin or neck, liposuction is an excellent option.