Can a celiac plexus block help with nausea? Where do they stick the needle to do the block?

Not usually. Celiac plexus blocks are usually placed for abdominal pain from a variety of causes. If the blocks allow for a lower dose of opioids that can help with nausea, if the nausea is a "pain equivalent" it may help.Needle is placed in the lower back a few cms away from the spine.
Often, yes. Often, the pain relief from a celiac plexus block will result in less nausea too. You may need less pain medication, and narcotics often cause nausea. The patient lies on his/her stomach, and x-ray is used to help the doctor place the needle in exactly the right spot alongside the spine. Then the needle is advanced toward the celiac plexus of nerves and local anesthetic is injected.

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Abd pain & nausea resolved x1 day w/diagnostic celiac plexus block. My usual symptoms seemed worse week after as though it irritated the nerves. Common?

Complex case. The details of your case are complex, and all the factors that led to the celiac plexus block are important. When a nerve recovers from a temporary block, it is possible to have hyperesthesis, an increase in your reaction to nerve stimulation during a rebound phase. Important to discuss this with your doctor! Read more...