How much pain with cataract removal surgery?

Minimal. With modern cataract surgery techniques pain either during or after the surgery is generally very mild or even absent. Some patients will experience a mild foreign body sensation or scratching feeling for a day or two, and some have a very mild pressure feeling. Usually, otc medications, typically tylenol or acetaminophen, are all that are required for pain control, and many patients don't use any.

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85 year old with Salzmann's is scheduled for cataract removal surgery. Are there any concerns? Should nodules be removed prior to surgery? Scaring?

Salzmann's nodules. Hyaline deposits between the epithelium and Bowmans membrane of Cornea causing astigmatism. Superficial keratectomy of astigmatism-inducing Salzmann’s nodules should always be performed prior to cataract surgery. Stable keratometry readings and IOL calculations cannot be reliably obtained until 3 to 6 weeks after surgery. Toric IOLs should be avoided because of the risk of recurrent nodule.
Salzmann's nodules. Agree with Dr. Sharma, nodules should be removed prior to cataract surgery if possible to achieve best vision. Patient would not be a candidate for a toric or multifocal IOL in most cases, depending on location & severity of Salzmann's nodules.

I have cataract surgery before 15 days. But I still can't read well even with +4 reading glasses. Is it normal?

Discuss. This with your eye surgeon. There are many reasons for poor reading vision after cataract surgery.
Reading! How is your distance vision? You may be using too strong if reading glasses, try a + 2.00. There are many possible explanations for your situation. See your surgeon!

I had a cataract surgery 15 days ago but I still can't read well even with +4 reading glasses. What should I do?

Surgery. Do not worry...People may require up to 90 days to have their best vision after surgery. Keep using your drops and give yourself more time to heal...
Too early to judge. We typically don't prescribe new glasses until one month after surgery. In some cases people get along just fine with temporary readers. However, if you have significant astigmatism, no temporary glasses will be sufficient. You need to give this more time.
Patience. If your surgeon says there were no complications and your retina is healthy you should be able to read as soon as you get the proper reading prescription (which may not be +4). There is also an issue of what kind of vision is in your other eye which possibly could be affecting your reading.
Cataract surgery. Vision after cataract surgery can take a number of weeks to stabilize. If you have significant astigmatism, you may need to get this corrected before reading glasses or bifocals will help you read.

Since cataract surgery is much cheaper in mexico, will it be safe to travel and get it done over there and will it have the same realibiltiy?

Hard to judge. An important part of surgery is the care following the surgery. It is general practice receive your care for the few weeks following surgery from either your surgeon or your regular eye doctor, and I would be very leery of any situation in which you leave shortly after the surgery. I'm sure there are excellent surgeons in mexico, but can't advise you how to judge this. Would be very cautious.
Not really. Cataract surgery can have both immediate and delayed complications. A complication can lead to permanent vision loss. Therefore, have the surgery and obtain follow-up care in the same location. Even if everything went well in mexico, you would still require routine follow-up care locally to assess for cornea, glaucoma or retinal complications over many years. You get what you pay for in life.
Hard to say. Best to get a referral.
Money v. odds. Most cataract surgery is covered by insurance. You are quite young for this condition so is there something else happening in your eye? While cataracts can be successful in mexico, you have little recourse if there is a problem. Be sure you are not covered in the usa before you make such a decision and remember that you are assuming a greater risk.