What does a high bun/creatinine ratio reading mean?

See below. An elevated BUN with normal creatinine and a ratio of [generally more than 18-20] occurs most commonly in dehydrated individuals and is not a sign of kidney damage.It may also occur in in certain other conditions like bleeding in the intestines, artificial nutrition intravenously of Amino Acids and use of steroids.

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During a metabolic workup, what does a high bun/creatinine ratio reading mean?

Decrease in flow. Bun=blood urea nitrogen, byproduct of proteins ingested, if rise to high levels due to kidney problem, can cause toxic affects on the body. Creatinine= measurement of renal function. Normal bun/cr ratio about 10. The higher that ratio, the more likely it is not intrinsic kidney disease per se, but reduction in blood flow or volume to kidney, like when on strong diuretic-prerenal-reversible. Read more...