How can the bun/creatinine ratio tell you have dehydration?

See below. An elevated BUN with normal creatinine and a ratio of [generally more than 18-20] occurs most commonly in dehydrated individuals and is not a sign of kidney damage.It may also occur in in certain other conditions like bleeding in the intestines, artificial nutrition intravenously of Amino Acids and use of steroids.

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How can the bun/creatinine ratio indicate dehydration?

May be helpful. There are many causes of an elevated BUN or elevated creatinine, and the ratio between them must be interpreted in the clinical context of each specific patient. What is commonly referred to as "dehydration" usually causes an increase in the BUN to creatinine ratio, but other significant conditions may cause a similar rise and need to be considered, especially if there is an acute illness involved. Read more...

My potassium is high but I'm not dehydrated. Bun/creatinine ratio is high and other electrolytes are borderline. What could be wrong?

May be... The depicted scenario leads one to think: kidney damage, drug misuse / side effects, internal bleeding to gi-tract, etc. If no dehydration. So, ask and check with doctor for detail and he/she can help you. Read more...