Dental bone grafts are needed when?

Preservation. Hi. I'd also weigh in to say that i'd suggest that you should consider a bone graft in the "socket" after any extraction. This preserves the bone level at the site to allow for an implant in the future or even to increase your dentist's ability to have a better cosmetic outcome with what ever you choose to restore the area.
To fix a defect. Dental bone grafts are performed to reconstruct bone defects due to trauma, disease, or aging. This is often done to facilitate the placement of dental implants. It can also be done to promote better hygiene and prosthetic results. Keep smiling !
Depends on situation. Most commonly dental bone grafts are a preparation for an dental implant. A socket bone graft can be placed at the time of extraction to "preserve" the site for a future impl;ant. If you have already had a tooth removed and the bone has resorbed in the area graft may be necessary to build it back up to have support for an implant. The must be adequate height and width to support an implant.
Surgery. Grafts are needed sometimes when there is serious trauma to the jaws, or if the patient has periodontal disease and the dentist is trying to restore some of the bone level around the teeth. Another use for grafts is when dental implants are placed and the bone around the implant needs augmentation.
Inadequate bone. Bone grafts are indicated where there is inadequate bone volume to place a dental implant.
Inadequate bone. Bone grafts are required when the patients is a candidate for dental implants but lacks adequate bone quantity or volume (adequate length and width of the proposed site).
Need volume. If there is a lack of volume, grafting is needed. Generally speaking if an implant is planned but not enough bone is present, a graft is done (either before or at the time the implant is placed). Volume can be preserved by grafting at the time of extraction as well.
Depends. Bone grafts are usually done to preserve the bone structure or to rebuild the bone structure for dental implants to be solid.
Preserve bone. Bone grafts are needed any time you have a tooth extracted and want to have an implant placed in that spot in the future. It is recommended for most extractions, as preserving bone allows for better esthetics and support of fixed bridges and partials.

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