Lost lots of weight and have rolls of fat now. Should I get a tummy tuck and an arm lift to get rid of them?

Maybe Body Lift. If you have lost a great deal of weight you might be a body lift candidate, but there is no "should" about it. You need to review the risks and benefits and have your overall health examined to figure how right this surgery might be for you. :).
Lose Skin WeightLoss. After weight loss, many patients have a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. If you have loose skin around the side and in the back, you may also be a candidate for a body lift. Dr. Ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Probably a body lift. If you are at a stable and ideal body's weight, then demo lipectomy procedures such as a tummy tuck or brachioplasty may now be excellent options for you.
Extra skin surgery. Skin recution surgery can be a very powerful operation for those folks with extra skin and soft tissue. Many who have lost weight and have extra skin want the excess taken away. Some just want to fit into pants better. The abdominal muscles may also have spread out with pregnancy or just over time. The plication sews them back together. See a board certified plastic surgeon.
Maybe. If your weight loss is complete, and you have loose skin left behind, then you might well be a candidate for a tummy tuck, a body lift or an arm lift. Speak to a local board-certified plastic surgeon about your goals.
May help. Congratulations on your weight loss; one of the downsides with successful weight loss may be the presence of “excess skin”. Procedures such as tummy tuck surgery, lower body lifting, breast lifting, arm lifting... May be helpful depending on exactly what your main concerns are. Discuss your concerns/goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon and ask to see lots of examples of their work.