How do I get approved from my hmo to do an arm lift?

Cosmetics. An arm lift is generally considered a cosmetic surgery procedure and therefore not covered by a hmo.
Unlikely. That's unlikely to be approved except in special circumstances. Arm lifts, generally, are not medically necessary for health - only for cosmetic reasons.
Arm Lift. Arm lifts are considered to be a cosmetic operation, and therefore insurance carriers and hmos will not cover this procedure.
Cosmetic procedure. Arm lifts or brachioplasty procedures are surgical procedures designed to lift sagging soft tissue and skin of the upper arms. These procedures are cosmetic and not medically necessary. HMO, private insurance will not cover cosmetic procedures. Limited exceptions: chronic ulceration, chronic fungal infections due to skin folds...This is most common with abdominal or breast skin folds. ? Arm.